Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our California Trip

In Dec we went to move Cameron and Jess back to Utah.and it was so cold while we were there we froze the whole time we were there. We had fun times visiting with Mandi and her family Mom and dad, and the women I used to Nanny for and her three boys. and as always we so enjoyed visiting with Bill and Judy Gray who are great friends from when we lived there. we went out to eat and we even took in a movie in the short time we were there. We had a very good visit with Dave and Shauna while there also always good to see everyone when we go out.


Lori said...

I saw Mandy and her hubbie with kids at Sam's Club! (or was it Costco? can't recall which) That was a month ago I think. She hasn't aged a bit. I'm surprised she recognized me because I was wearing my glasses and no makeup.

Lori said...

Hi again Patty,
I have to go private with my blog for a while. Been getting some scary anonymous comments....
So if you can e-mail me at, I can invite you to be a reader. :) Sorry about the inconvenience.