Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Family

Well I tried to leave this up to my mom to do this but as you can see that is so not happening. Mom and dad are doing well mom works for walmart and nycole and dad has a window washing buisness. This is a picture of them at our Bear Lake reuion with Dads mom and papa John.
Well now what to say about the boys. Christopher is trying really hard to do well and I think that he is in a really good place right now and we are proud of his hard work. Chad has moved back to Utah and is staying with Nycole and Bryce untill he finds a place he can call home he is happy to be around family again. Chad is also helping Nycole and Bryce out at thier dealership and is doing well. Wel as for cameron for those of you weho havent heard he is getting maried in aug to a really cute and fun girl named Jess she really compliments him and blends in well with the family and as we all know that is important. We all really like her and are glad that she will be a part of our family.
Ellen and her family are just going along. Kaeleigh their oldest just got baptized this year in feb and Ashlynne their 2nd daughter will be getting baptized this jan. Saydee is their youngest and so full of energy she really keeps ellen on her toes. They are a cute family. This is them last summer at our Bear lake reuion.
Tricia and Jay are doing well and as you can see theirt kids are getting so big. Janiece is 12 now and will be starting junior high this fall and Sheyanne is 10 and at that age were everything is so difficult. Spencer is going into first grade this fall and is a very energetic little boy who loves to play with his friends. Tiffannie is 4 now and all over the place she to likes to play with her friends and ride her bike iots hard to belive they are all so grwon up Janiece si taller thatn me now and pretty soon will be taller thatn her parents.
Nycole and Bryce are busy as usual in case you havent heard they had twins about 4 mons ago a boy and a girl they named them jake and jessy and as soon as I get some pics from mom since she sees them 3 days a week I will post them for you all to see. Nycole and chad run the dealership while bryce still works his full time job. Cole is going into the 2nd grade this fall and is really into his 4 wheller and motorcycle. Alayda is 3 1/2 and lets just say that she is a real cutie and so much fun she likes to do puzzels and hang out with her big brother. Meryn is a little over 1 she just turned 1 in april so as you can see they have their hands full.
Amanda and Jeremy are still in dental school but this is his last year and they are so excited to be able to get this part of their jouney over with and to begin a new one. Kristina thier oldest will also be in 1st grade this fall and is such a cutie so grownup for her age her favorite thing I would say is soccer. Holly is 2 1/2 and she reminds us all of mandi when she was little so full of energy and all over the place. They are expecting their 3rd girl the end of sept I believe.

Well as for me and my family I guess you will just have to check out my blog and see what is happening with us. I will try and help mom figure out how to do this so that she can update herself.