Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

well for my dad's 60th birthday my mom decided to surprise him with a party at their house. Nyocle and Mom also got everyone to write a little letter about dad and what they remember they also got his siblings to write one. Then they put it in a book for him. For his party we all sat around and talked about dad or I guess you cold say we roasted him he was surprised and it was fun. Here are a few pics of the fun.


Uncle Ralph,Tobyn and Francine

Chad and Ellen

Nycole and Bryce talking about the good old days

Mom and Dad enjoying what was being said

We didn't have any candles so we had to use matches for the cake.
Thanks dad for all the fun memories like piggy back rides, rubbing your feet for a treat and of course the piano freeze dance I love you dad thanks


hij-me said...

Looks like a great party! Happy Birthday Robyn!

Jamie said...

I am still waiting for an update on your blog. Maybe Christopher's wedding will make it on here. . . I'd love to see those pictures! Love you guys